Lessons                                                                       Bread of Life                                                     Psalm 119:153-160


Psalm: Psalm 119:153–160

153Look on my affliction and de- | liver me,*

         for I do not for- | get your law.

154Plead my cause and re- | deem me;*

         give me life according to your | promise!

155Salvation is far from the | wicked,*

         for they do not seek your | statutes.

156Great is your mercy, | O Lord;*

         give me life according to your | just decrees.

157Many are my persecutors and my adver- | saries,*

         but I do not swerve from your testi- | monies.

158I look at the faithless | with disgust,*

         because they do not keep | your commands.

159Consider how I love your | precepts!*

         Give me life according to your | steadfast love.

160The sum of your | word is truth,*

         and every one of your just and righteous decrees endures for- | ever.